Airdry Clay, Fired Clay & Sculptors Clay

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Craftmill specialises in stocking products for 3-D modelling and sculpting.
The range includes both airdry clay, fired potters clay, sculptors clays andpolymer clays. Our  online shop features branded air dry clay such as DAS as well as our bulk packs of potters clay, suiting everyone from the individual sculptor or potter or the larger requirements of a school or society. Polymer Clays and Staysoft Modelling Clay

In addition to our oven bake Polymer Clays, Sculpey III Polymer Clay,
Sculpey Premo Polymer Clay and Fimo Soft Polymer Clay, Craftmill stock Colourclay traditional 'Staysoft' modelling clay which is a great cost effective, top quality alternative to branded Plasticine.  Ideal for the same crafts as Plasticine, this is a serious animators clay or perfect for entertaining your little ones and is sold in large bars at competitive prices in a huge range of colours.  Similar to Newplast, this modelling clay is non drying and also ideal for making casts, engineering uses and general sculpting.

Clay Ranges:

Earthen Airdrying Clay

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Our airdry earthen clay has been reinforced with nylon fibres to make it strong. It is a similar product to Newclay air drying clay. The nylon reinforcing fibres are an excellent bonding agent which reduces brittleness and means that the airdry need not be fired and can be painted and varnished. So airdrying clay is an ideal modelling medium for both children and adults. It is available in pack sizes from handy 1kg packs of clay for smaller products, to bulk 12.5kg packs at great prices. From Italy, we also have the Giotto well known air dry clays called Das and Plastiroc. This is available in 500g and 1000g blocks in Grey and Terracotta. These are semi artificial sterilised clays.

Fired Pottery Clay

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Our fired pottery clay, which does not contain the nylon fibres is available in terracotta or grey and again from 1kg to 12.5kg packs. Designed for more durable models, this potters clay can be fired in a kiln and glazes applied to produce beautiful works of art.



Paper Clay

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Paper clay is also a more recent phenomenon which Craftmill supplies as a powder ready for mixing. Paperclay is less inclined to shrink and crack when drying and it dries much lighter in weight than earthen airdry clay.



Polymer Clays and Staysoft Modelling Clay

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We have Colourclay traditional staysoft modelling clay in a huge range of colours.  Similar to Newplast, it is non drying and therefore ideal for use as an animators clay, general sculpting clay or childrens modelling clay.

Polymer clay is also stocked in the shop - with both Sculpey polymer clay and Fimo Soft polymer clay in stock in a vast range of shades. These polymer clays are designed to be baked in the domestic oven


Craftmill Clay Tools and Accessories

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Clay Tools

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Our range of clays is complimented by a full range of clay modelling and sculpting tools and blades to aid your work. Our wooden 8 piece set and 6 piece wire sets are essential to any potter or sculptors toolkit.


Varnishes and Paints

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To complete your clay project, we have one of the widest ranges of paints and varnishes on the Internet.  From branded Sculpey Polymer Clay craft varnishes, to our own brand varnishes, you can choose from a selection of finishes - matt, satin or gloss.  Tub sizes start at 50ml to a large 500ml container, for the bulk user.  Paints include airbrush enamel paints, metallic and fluorescent acrylic hobby paints and artist acrylics in a vast number of shades.


All of our clays are competitively priced and come in a range of pack sizes. BIG savings can be make by purchasing our larger bulk packs


  • If you have a kiln and want to make a lasting piece, fired potters clay is the best clay to use.
  • Many people do not have access to a kiln and for smaller pieces, polymer clay is a lasting alternative that can be baked in a domestic oven. Particularly great for jewellery and decorative items, this is a self-coloured clay, so no need to paint or glaze.
  • Airdrying clay is ideal for items which are for display purposes but will not be subject to extensive or rough handling. It is an ideal clay to make baby hand imprints in
  • Colourclay modelling clay is a soft clay designed to be constantly reworked and remodelled. Favoured by children and the animation industry, this clay is widely loved and easy to use by amateurs and experts alike.